(3,000 lives, New Jersey)

Using advanced analytics and consulting services this PPS client changed PBMs and reported first year savings of $450,000 for their active employees. At the same time this group moved their retirees to Employer Group Waiver and Medicare Supplemental Plans, saving an additional $300,000 in retiree drug and medical spend. Then we suggested migrating coverage for PPI’s to OTC only, saving another $177,000 for the County. Finally, through our Performance Analytics year end auditing services, $499,000 in PBM contract under performance was identified and successfully negotiated for reimbursement back to the County.

Financial Institution

(5,600 lives, Pennsylvania)

Carve-Out from Insurance Carrier effective January 1, 2016 after the client was unable to obtain a prescription contract from its provider to validate price points and contact terms that they were realizing. Since that time, PPS has helped the client realize savings in excess of $1.5M.

Performance Pharmacy SolutionsSM is changing the way pharmacy benefits are managed, saving clients an average of 15-20% annually.

Medical Service Provider

(700 lives, New Jersey)

Moved from Insurance Carrier to PPS. Financial projections by moving from the incumbent carrier to the PPS service contract were 26%. Actual performance from the placement resulted in savings of 32% over prior plan year without plan design modifications or reduction in workforce. For 2016, with guidance from the PPS Team, client has adopted additional plan modifications to align their copayment structure to be consistent with other organizations in their region and industry.

Technology Company

(2,400 lives, Virginia)

Carve-Out from Insurance Carrier that switched to PPS on January 1, 2016. As a result of very poor financial and contractual performance by incumbent, savings with PPS are in excess of $1M over the three-year contract term and the plan came in 19% below their pharmacy budget. Account Management and vendor oversight, along with PPS semi-annual audit reporting, were paramount to this client’s decision of moving to PPS.

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