Performance Pharmacy Solutions is a one-stop solution for advisors and their clients taking the guesswork out of identifying a pharmacy solution that is right for your organization and its members. PPS programs consist of the following:

Advanced Analytics
that identify and validate savings for our clients

Leveraged PBM Pricing
providing our mid-market clients the negotiating leverage of our aggregate
purchasing power without the constraints coalition purchasing

Pre-Negotiated Contracts
eliminate time, energy and the need to navigate one of the most complex contractual arrangements in the employee benefits industry

Contract Compliance Reporting
ensures that the chosen PBM is processing claims accurately and meeting its financial obligations

Strategic Plan Management
ensures leading-edge clinical and formulary management capabilities enabling clients to manage their pharmacy benefit as tightly as they choose

PBM Insider Expertise
used to manage vendor implementation, on-going oversight and consultative management to ensure both the highest quality of account and customer service, as well as financial impact

Deep PBM Relationships
deliver market leading, pre-negotiated arrangements with no less than three industry leading Pharmacy Benefit Managers leveraging size, scope and expertise of PPS

We Never Leave Your Side
and stay engaged with you and your clients throughout the life of the relationship providing implementation and ongoing support

Unmatched Transparency & Financial Accountability

We don’t just help you find the right Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) solution for your organization, we ensure that our contracts deliver. As part of your Performance Pharmacy SolutionsSM program we continuously validate PBM performance:

Contract Compliance Reporting


Our advanced analytic tools create unmatched transparency with comprehensive reporting that when combined with our consultative expertise, allows decision-makers to easily and efficiently validate that the program they selected has met their needs.

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