Pharmacy Benefits: Utilized the most. Understood the least.

PPS is a cost management platform optimizing PBM outcomes and maximizing the relationship between PBMs, advisors and sponsors.

The PBM RFP Reinvented.

A new model for optimizing your pharmacy benefit. Advanced data analytics paired with insider experience provides transparency that minimizes drug spend while maximizing care and patient outcomes.

Our solution is performance-based, results-driven and continuously validated.


Data collection & integration


PPS Engine Claims Engine pushes millions of data points through advanced analytics


Our reports make complex data easy to read and understand


Using client specific data and our advanced analytics engine we provide unmatched clarity into our current pharmacy spend and our opportunity to maximize future savings.


 Advanced analytics gives you the power and transparency needed to quickly and easily identify cost savings and audit PBM performance against contractual guarantees

Success Story

Financial Institution (5,600 lives, Pennsylvania)

The client was unable to obtain a pharmacy contract from their Health Plan and was unable to validate pricing or rebate value. Through advanced analysis, working in partnership with the benefits advisor, and leveraging the PPS solution suite, we drove savings in excess of $1M.

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